Friday, December 11, 2009

The end

Cabo San Lucas, the last port.
Posts are in reverse order -- so you may want to start here and read from the bottom up.

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Bath time, phone time, down time

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Walking to the Acapulco cliff divers

Aforementioned cliff divers

Two Mexican street urchins

At the beach in Huatulco
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17 kids out of 2000 passengers

meant we had the ball pit all to ourselves.

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The ship

from different vantage points

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Sunsets and moonrises

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more Costa Rica

A farm stand preparing sugar cane juice -- they squeezed some ginger and lime juice right in with it, which made it taste much better than the Asian kind.

In the car

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica, where we got to feed some capuchin monkeys and crocodiles.

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Canal transit

It took most of a day to transit through the Panama Canal. It is not a level journey, so in several places there were "locks" to move the ship up or down to the next water level.

I will confess that I never did understand the concept of a lock prior to seeing one. So for those of you who, like me, don't know what it is:
The ship drives into a big bathtub, which they then fill or drain depending on whether you need to go up or down. The boat floats up or down with the water, they open the forward end of the bathtub again, and you drive out to the next lock.

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Colombia, cont'd

I just think this picture is funny.

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Cartegena, Colombia
where by the end of the day, Ian was saying "mandarina mandarina" along with the fruit vendors.

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Braving the MDR

We braved the MDR (main dining room) more than once, with varying results. We were there on all three formal nights, as little kids all dressed up was too cute of an opportunity to miss.

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